Where’s your brother?

Not sure about you but as a child, I grew up with family around me. In fact, nothing gave us more joy than having our siblings, cousins, friends and even neighbours around.

My parents did not have much, but our glow, strength and wealth was in relationships, especially family. The joys and memories of holidays and celebrations remain fresh in my heart. It was always a delight to see siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunties.

We shared everything in common. We ate from the same plates, shared the same cups, slept on the same beds and at times mats, and even covered with the same sheets at night. We accompanied each other everywhere.
One’s fight was everyone’s fight. One’s victory was everyone’s victory..

I am sure you can relate…Sadly, as we grew up we drifted apart. We began to raise fences and shutting others out.

Class, complex, I am busy, do not disturb me, we do not have much common ground began to set in. Now we have made enemies out of one’s neigbours, foes out of families, foreigners out of friends, and witches out of the ones we once considered our true riches.

It is now pleasurable to demonise the other behind the other’s back. We have become total strangers to each other as though we did not grow up within the same streets and districts.

Our behaviours and characters are not getting better. We have titles on our heads, with no love in our hearts. Unforgiveness, anger, envy and hatred are the traits we exude everywhere we go.

Where is the good old love?
Where is the kindness?
How did we get here?
Where did we lose grip of what is most important and picked up what is not?
How have we become adults and less humans?

We are stronger together, better together and will achieve more together. We will be healthier, live longer, and leave better memories with each other when we come together.

If anyone was to ask you now, “Where is your brother?”

How would you respond??


7 thoughts on “Where’s your brother?

  1. Everybody is now focused on their lives,’thinking we can achieve more alone ‘little do we know that together we can make it better .
    I miss the old days thou ,life was so much simpler ,how we used to learn new things together…

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  2. That’s something I always wanted but never really had. Close family and spending time with them. I envy you for having that whilst growing up. Hopefully, it will be a different story for my kids!

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