Random thoughts…. #CrushingOnACreative

So yea, I started using the train lately…. it’s much quicker compared to the hustle and bustle of traffic on Cape Town roads… Cheaper too. Even though there is always the high chances of getting pick pocketed or robbed. Well those are negative vibes which, personally, I do not really condone….that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, as I was on the ride earlier today, there was a huge and stark contrast of people on the coach…. Professionals and otherwise. One obviously “well educated” lady with imported hair, smartly dressed in a tight short black dress and high heeled peep-toe shoes and clutching a matching purse started shouting at this other scruffy young man for “having not bathed and lacking education”- …I couldn’t help but drift into random thoughts…

Amongst Africans generally there are two extremes with similar consequences: on one hand there is this arrogant but ignorant attempt to critique decolonization imperative and on the other is the sophistry masquarading as superior knowledge where postcolonial theory is mixed with decoloniality simplistically.

In my mind i concluded that the ‘orphans’ of the empire who remained in Africa are generally backward in scholarship without knowing it compared to white scholars in the metropole. They are stuck in unrewarding postcolonial thought of a very problematic nature which combines ‘Zilean’ apologia for colonialism on the one hand and on the other the long discarded idea of co-invention of colonialism by both colonialists and the colonized! Yoh, I was in another world indeed! More work is needed to just make it clear that all of us can never be the same as far as education is concerned. I did not say a thing…. I could not.

Then it hit me…. he actually hadn’t bathed!

Here I was thinking it’s all about education and all. Silly me… Which reminded me I had been too busy to post something yesterday for the weekly creative crush. Well, yesterday it was Yvonne Tinashe The Dimpled one’s turn for being crushed on lol. Mine was last week and it felt really great…. that said, I had managed to go through her blog and I had noticed one particular post which rang a bell on that train….

Be sure to visit her blog site – of course starting with that one…. it has tips on self hygiene and avoiding the embarrassment from the ‘educated’ lady in a tight black dress on the train…. Talking of being smartly dressed, Tina is a fashionista too- she has a few blogs on fashion and SHOES…. and above all she is quite educated to say the least.

Visit her blog on http://www.lifewithdimples.com


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